OU’s Rajay Naik on inspiring and educating learners in a digital world

Rajay Naik, Director of Government and External Affairs at The Open University, thanked NIACE for consistently making the case for part-time and flexible learning.

Not much has changed in teaching from fourth century, but surely with advance of technology we should be changing how we learn and deliver learning. 250k learners online through Open University so technology needs to be top notch, but the individuals at the heart of learning are of paramount importance – the learners and the the teachers. We need to support those teaching as best we can.

OU strives to inspire learners through the use of technology – amending tomorrow’s textbooks today and making available online enables education to get to reach more people everyday. How can we use television to expand learning? So many companies have been taken out due to the digital revolution and this is now happening in the education sector. The education world needs to embrace how people are learning

But innovation isn’t just abut MOOCs – it’s about how we learn and how we approach learning.  Collaborative and conversational learning dates back to ancient Greece – but in a world where 65,000 people are downloading Open University video its time to think about how we apply these ideas using modern technology.

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