Open House: Why we’re putting some of our conference online

This Wednesday we want to do something we’ve not done before at NIACE – we want to open our conference to those who are not attending.

At first glance, this might seem a strange thing to do.  Surely, you may say, the whole point of having a conference is that people go to it.  Well, that’s partly true.  One of the reasons we have conferences is because it gives our members and delegates a chance to mingle, share and learn from each other.  That’s still going on at #digifrontier and the networking conversations, the best practice  workshops, the opportunity to meet cutting edge thinkers and policy leaders are still in the confines of those who come to our conference on the day.

However, our conference is about more than this.  We want #digifrontier to inform the way NIACE see digital and, through us, the way policy makers, researchers and government see the importance of digital technology in adult learning.  So much of the conversation that takes place at conferences isn’t captured or, if it is, isn’t curated.  So much more conversation takes place after the conference doors have closed or from people who just wish they’d have had the time to go.  We want #digifrontier to be different.

This “live-site” will bring key parts of the conference to a wider audience and will then curate everything that’s happening inside and outside the conference in one place so that, come the new year, we can present a very real picture of what direction digitaladult  learning is heading in and how those involved in the sharp end, at the digital frontier, feel about that.

So please, join in.  Vote on our debate sites, watch our video streams and tweet using the hashtag #digifrontier and make this a conference to remember….even if you weren’t there at all!

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