Employer needs for digital skills

In the last keynote of the day, Rob Wilmot, Director of BCS Agency and co-founder of Freeserve, shared his concerns that this country lacks tecnhnically able people in terms of coding. He owns four different companies, yet predominantly hires staff from Europe, because he believes they are better qualified in coding. He gave Estonia as an example of a country that teaches coding as part of the core curriculumn in schools and believes we need that to happen in the UK.

Rob believes we now have a generation of education leaders who didn’t grow up with coding and an emergence of younger professionals who are digital natives, but don’t have the skills to code. He argued that a collision of the younger and older generations is required, in order to create the future. We need to start building the future of technology by embedding coding into schools and by getting employers to work closely with both educators and learners.

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